Outdoor shades can be a great addition to any home, providing shade from the sun and creating a comfortable outdoor living space. However, when storm season hits, it’s important to take steps to protect your shades from damage. 

Here are some tips for protecting your outdoor shades in a storm: 

Choose Durable Materials

When shopping for outdoor shades, you should look for products made from materials that are engineered to withstand the effects of severe weather. For instance, seek out shades that are constructed from materials such as PVC-coated polyester or acrylic fabrics that are resistant to mildew and fading. 

In addition, considering purchasing shades that have reinforced edges and grommets can significantly increase their longevity.

Take Them Down

If you are expecting a storm, the most effective approach to save your outdoor shades from getting damaged is to take them down before the storm arrives. Because of this, they won’t suffer any damage even if there is a storm with strong winds or heavy rain. 

Make sure that you put your shades away in a secure location where they won’t get ruined by the weather or lost in the breeze

Secure Them in Place

If you are unable to bring in your outside shades before a storm, you should make sure that they are as well-anchored as possible before the storm arrives. Make sure that the shade remains firmly linked to its frame or anchor points by securing it with bungee cords or tie-downs.

As an additional measure of support, you can think about laying sandbags all the way around the base of the shade structure.

Trim the Surrounding Trees

If you have trees surrounding your outdoor shade structure, it is vital to prune them on a regular basis so that they don’t become overgrown. In the event of strong winds, overhanging branches have the potential to break off, causing damage to your shade structure or perhaps your house. 

Trimming trees on a regular basis can help minimize damage of this kind and maintain the integrity of your property even when severe weather strikes. 

Monitor Weather Conditions

Monitoring the weather can help you get ready for impending storms and safeguard your outdoor blinds before they suffer any damage as a result of the storm. Be sure to keep up with the local weather reports and pay heed to any advisories issued by the National Weather Service regarding severe weather in your area.

Inspect After The Storm

After the storm has passed, thoroughly inspect your outdoor blinds for any signs of damage that may have occurred. Check the fabric for rips, holes, loose stitching, or grommets, as well as any other evidence of wear and tear that could have been caused by severe weather conditions such as strong winds or heavy rain. 

If you find that your shades are damaged in any way, you should fix them as quickly as you can so that you can continue to use them without risk.

Why Tree Trimming Is Important Around Shades

It is essential to prune trees near outdoor shades because storms can severely damage overhanging branches, which can prevent sunlight from reaching the ground below. 

Extreme weather conditions, such as strong winds and heavy rain, might cause branches to break off and fall onto your shade structure, which could result in major damage. In addition, those who are close to the region could be put in danger by branches or limbs that break off of trees and fall to the ground.

Routine tree trimming can help prevent this kind of damage by removing any overhanging branches or limbs that could endanger your outdoor living space. This can be accomplished by removing the tree from its supporting structure. 

Not only does this assist protect your investment in your shade structure, but it also helps keep you and your family safe during times of severe weather. In addition, frequent tree pruning helps maintain the health of trees as well as their look, which can ultimately add value to your home.

In addition to promoting improved air circulation around your shade structure, tree cutting helps encourage healthier tree growth. During the warmer months, having more airflow flowing through your outdoor living space can be of great assistance in maintaining a suitable temperature there. 

Taking away diseased and dead branches from trees will enhance their overall health, which in turn can help the trees continue to be robust and full of life for many years to come.

Last but not least, routine tree trimming can assist guarantee that any overhanging branches remain free of utility lines and other overhead equipment by keeping them from growing into them. 

By cutting back any branches that could pose a risk to anyone, not only will you be doing your part to keep everyone safe, but you will also be safeguarding your outdoor living space from potential damage that could be caused by strong winds or heavy rain.

In general, it is vital to have trees trimmed back periodically if they are placed near outdoor shades in order to limit the possible harm caused by falling branches or limbs during storms. 

This is especially true if the trees are close to the outdoor shades. You may enjoy all of the benefits of having shaded places while keeping your safety and your peace of mind if you take preventative measures to preserve your outdoor living space.

Such procedures include: regular pruning of trees, removing any dead or diseased branches, and ensuring that the trees remain free of overhead utility lines. With a bit of extra care, you can go on to enjoy your outdoor shades for many years to come.

We should take care of our window shades just as much as they take care of us. Window shades play an important role in protecting our interiors from the elements and hot sun, while still letting natural light in to brighten up our living space. They can also give us privacy when we need it and even help reduce energy costs.

Need Help With Protecting Your Outdoor Shades? 

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