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Learn about our outdoor shades, variety of colors, solar panel motorization, obstruction detection, and so much more!

Outdoor Shades Cornelius NC

Roller Outdoor Shades Options

Our exterior roller shade fabric collection, with a broad spectrum of colors and openness options, is the perfect patio shade fabric for your project! These fabrics provide the perfect balance between privacy, natural daylight, and thermal comfort.

Our patio shades come in a wide variety of colors & basketweave openness. These different options provide versatility and performance factors that are unmatched! Allowing for maximum transparency from the inside out, and added comfort for the outdoors, you won’t be disappointed with our exterior roller shades.

Fabric style Basketweave
Openness factor
1% | 3% | 5% | 10%
UV blockage 90% to 99%
Visible light transmittance Tv 1% to 22%
Solar Reflectance Rs Up to 75%
SHGC % Improvement Up to 61%

Phifer Tuffscreen

If you are in the market for a stronger, more durable insect screen, Phifer Tuffscreen is just what you are looking for. This screen is vinyl-coated for insect protection, pet resistant, and built to last a lifetime.

Exterior Shades Phifer Tuffscreen

Fabric Openness

Openness factor is a value representing how tightly woven the yarn is. Smaller values let in less light, and darker values let in more light. We’ve provided an image representation to show the difference in fabric openness.

Exterior Shades Openness Factor

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Outdoor Roller Shade Frames

As a fully customizable exterior roller shades company, not only do we offer a large variety of fabric colors, but we also offer a variety of frame colors. This allows you to match the current aesthetics you already have on the outside of your home, while adding something new and exciting. If you have any questions about our frame colors, or would like to see examples of them matched with different fabrics, reach out to Carolina Exterior Shades today and we would love to help you.

Frame Colors

Patio Shades Huntersville NC

Added Features for Patio Shades

We pride ourselves on providing only the best and top of the line products for our customers. That is why here at Carolina Exterior Shades we offer a variety of add on features and options that will elevate your system to the next level. Our features include:

Zip Track Fabric Retention

Track System For Outdoor Screens

Our zip track system provides unmatched wind resistance and an extremely smooth operation. This will help eliminate binding and alignment issues that may come with other systems.

Solar Powered

Solar Exterior Shades Charlotte NC

For select shades we offer a solar powered motorization system for when running power to your exterior roller shades isn’t an option.

Obstacle Detection

Outdoor Screens

Our motorized patio shades have a feature that will reverse the motor if the bottom of the shade hits an obstruction while rolling down.

Cable Guide

Outdoor Shades Charlotte NC Sun Protection

If zip tracks aren’t going to be right for you, then we would suggest our cable guide side retention systems. These systems are created with stainless steel & corrosion resistant hardware.

Manual Crank

Outdoor Shades Sun Protection

When powered exterior shades aren’t available, we do offer a manual crank handle for your system. The handle for this can either be static or removable, whichever you prefer.

Carolina Exterior Shades AfterCarolina Exterior Shades Before

Getting Started With Residential Patio Shades

Patio shades enhance your outdoor space by protecting and cooling down the area. They also provide great privacy looking from the outside in, while still allowing you to have a great view when looking out. By choosing to work with Carolina Exterior Shades you are choosing to work with highly trained professionals that offer nothing but the best when it comes to products and craftsmanship. As a fully customizable exterior shades company, reach out to us today and receive a free quick quote.

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